Tasks & Activities

Husbandry Tasks with
Scheduled Reminders

Create tasks with scheduled reminders for water changes, maintenance tasks for your equipment, dosing for your supplements and feeding for your foods with the amount and instructions.

Aquarimate will integrate your tasks with your native Calendar and will send you notification when a task is due.

With Fixed schedules, you can setup complex recurring reminders like weekly, by weekly, monthly, yearly, etc with specific weekdays, month days, etc.


Log the activities you perform for each task and mark as completed or skipped if you decided to make an exception.

Dynamic schedules will repeat on set number of days after the last activity date, which means due dates can change based on the last activity dates.

Fixed schedules will repeat on the set schedule dates regardless of the last activity date.

Keep track of your activities so you remember what you have done in the past and plot them along with your test results to see the effect of your activities (dosings, water changes, etc.) on your parameters.

Log your activities and perform/skip them right from your Apple watch.

Tasks & Activities


The Dashboard will tell you what's coming up so you can prepare yourself and plan accordingly well in advance!

View today's tasks as well as tasks that are coming up in the future.

The icon next to the task shows how many days before the task is due. (Or how many days a task is past due).

The total number of tasks that are past due or due today will be shown as a badge on the tank name in the left side menu/bar.

See all tasks across your tanks and get reminders for them on your Apple watch.