When it comes to maintaining our aquariums, we all want to stay organized and perform the routine husbandry tasks properly. After all, this is the key to success in maintaining any aquariums.

We always keep track of tank parameters and changes in health, growth, color, diseases, etc., to make sure our ecosystem is healthy and thriving. In our busy life, sometimes, we find it difficult to remember the progress of all the livestock in our tanks and when something goes wrong, we try to find the cause by referring to our not so good memory to remember our activities and the progress to determine the cause of the problem. This usually leads to frustration which can sometimes drive hobbyists away from this extremely rewarding hobby.

AquariumNote is a comprehensive mobile app that is built to help all aquarists, whether hobbyist or professional, to maintain their tanks properly.

We all want to stay on top of our water parameters and track our test results easily and reliably... Now with AquariumNote you can keep track of your test results with just a few taps and then view the history of each parameter along with a beautiful graph in any time period you desire. No more pen and paper, spreadsheets or complicated computer software! We have also included a handy timer to help you perform timed tests easier!!

AquariumNote includes the most popular water parameters based on your aquarium type but you can also add any other parameters you wish to track for your tank's maintenance.

We all know that life can get busy and we may forget about things we have to do for our aquariums... AquariumNote is not letting you forget anything anymore! Just add Reminders with a few taps for all your husbandry tasks and rest assured you will be reminded whenever a task is due! With the beautiful dashboard you can see what's coming up so you can prepare yourself and plan accordingly well in advance! Once you perform each task, you can log your activities by selecting that specific task and log your activity with some notes so you can keep track of what you have accomplished.

AquariumNote features state-of-the-art Timelines. With Timelines, you can visually keep track of the health and growth of your tank inhabitants chronologically along with your logged activities and test results. All you have to do is take photos, add a note and tap to update the status of your timeline periodically. You can build as many timelines as you want for your fish and corals so you can keep track of each loved one individually.

AquariumNote includes a very comprehensive livestock library called Aquaribase. You can browse or search Aquaribase to find information about your saltwater and freshwater livestock. This database includes thousands species of fish, corals, inverts and plants with pictures and information organized in categories for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. It's smart fish compatibility engine will give you compatibility advice with the other fish in your livestock and wish list.

AquariumNote can help you stay organized with your livestock by saving your fish, corals, invertebrates and plants directly from Aquaribase separately for each tank. You can then attach your timelines to your livestock to visually keep track of their health and growth chronologically. If you happen to lose any of your livestock, you can move them to "Deceased" section and provide the cause of you loss, so you can avoid that from happening again.

The Equipment section, allows you to track your equipment for each tank. You can save information like when you started using them, model, cost, etc. and keep track of their operation by creating timelines for them.

The new "Food & Supplements" section is designed to organize information about your food and supplements including the instructions.

With the built-in Wish List, you can save your favorite livestock, equipment, food and supplements so you can do your research and plan to add them in future.

Wouldn't it be nice to know how much you have invested in each one of your tanks? AquariumNote lets you keep track of your itemized expenses organized in different categories so you can keep track of your investment and the hard-earned money. You can enter information like where you have made your purchase and how much you've paid directly in livestock and equipment details and AquariumNote will add this information to your list of expenses automatically.

Most of us have our own little notebook for our tanks to take notes for various reasons. With AquariumNote, you can organize all your memos in the "Notes" section neatly.

With Photo Gallery in AquariumNote you can organize all your tank photos in different albums inside the app so you can have them all in one place.